What is GRODAN-U?

GRODAN-U is a unique online certification program that tests an employee’s knowledge about our products, usage, and hydroponics in general.  Once all the employees in a U.S. retail store pass the online test, the store receives their GRODAN-U certification. 

What’s in it for the retailer?

All store managers and owners hope that their staff are providing accurate information to customers.  This innovative program not only elevates the knowledge of the sales people, but it also promotes repeat business by helping to establish a stronger level of trust and respect within the industry. Essentially, GRODAN-U provides FREE, specialized training and education that can empower a retail store’s sales staff to grow both professionally and personally.

Retailers whose entire team passes the online tests are rewarded with a special store GRODAN-U decal, a printed certificate and special GRODAN swag for the entire team.  It’s easy to spot these stores because they are highlighted on GRODAN’s online store locator feature as wellIf you are a retailer and you are interested in becoming certified, hit the login button in upper right hand corner.  If you don’t know your password, CLICK HERE for assistance.

What’s in it for the grower and/or consumer?

Indoor growers rely heavily on the advice and recommendations of their local hydro store experts.  Providing accurate information can only improve the success rate of the grower.  On the other hand though, providing incorrect information can also be detrimental to their plants.  Now that the GRODAN-U certification program is in place, certified stores can easily be identified so you can choose to frequent those stores who have proven themselves via this specialized testing.  The online testing doesn’t just test what they know; it also provides a technical explanation to those questions that they might not have fully understood.  Overall, learning more about growing like the pros is good - for everyone.

To find a store near you that is GRODAN-U certified, use the store locator – and choose a store that is highlighted.  If you have any questions, please let us know.