Environmental Impacts

While GRODAN stone wool may not resemble anything you’re used to seeing in nature, the product is about as natural as it gets. Stone wool is made by melting and spinning basalt rock, which is a bountiful resource found all over the planet. Used GRODAN is repurposed into other products or returned to the factory and re-melted, so that new stone wool can be made. 

Other growth substrates like peat often require natural resources that are far scarcer than rocks. What’s more, at Hortifair, the largest international tradeshow for horticulture technology, an independent party deemed that stone wool has the least impact of any hydroponic growing media on the market. GRODAN has also received the prestigious and stringent European Eco-Label, which is an intensive measure of a product’s entire lifespan. In addition, the World Health Organization has classified stone wool as a safe-to-use bio-soluble product. 

Recycling your used stone wool is easy. You can utilize previously used stone wool to enrich your compost, improve the tilth of your garden soil, or provide a life-long home for house plants.  Click here for more tips on recycling your stone wool.