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The GroLog from GRODAN is an app that assists growers in effectively managing their gardens.  Keeping a detailed garden log is vitally important to a successful crop and with the GroLog it has never been easier to keep your garden dialed in! 

Do you have several gardens you need to track at the same time?  No problem - simply create a separate ‘grow’ for each of your gardens.  The GroLog allows you to select exactly what data you would like to monitor in each grow, such as:

-Nutrient Solution: pH, Parts per Million (ppm), Electrical Conductivity, Runoff levels, Temperature, and Nutrient Dosages

-Room Conditions: Temperature (single readings or High/Low readings), Temperature Differential (DIF), Humidity (single readings or High/Low readings), CO2 (ppm), Plant Height

-Lighting settings

-Daily photos and notes

The GroLog also enables you to set a gardening schedule and receive reminders for tasks you need to complete in the garden.  Simply plan out your watering, transplanting, seed starting, or any other tasks and your device will alert you when it’s time to get to work, even if you aren’t in the GroLog app at the time.

Other features include:

-Customizable graphs

-Comprehensive reports (pdf's or spreadsheets) that can be e-mailed or printed directly from the app

-Photo gallery

*Note: GRODAN neither obtains nor shares any information, data, or pictures entered in this application.


If you’re serious about your garden…you need the GroLog!


Have an idea for us about how to make the GroLog better?  Contact us and let us know.