1. After your transplant has taken root, it is time for more food.

    Increase EC of your watering to 2.0-3.0. pH range should be between 5.5-6.5, depending on the plant you are growing.

  1. When your plant starts to bloom, switch from a vegetative plant food (higher in nitrogen) to one for flowering/fruiting (higher in phosphorous).
  1. In a re-circulating system, check pH and EC in your stock tank often.

    Ideally you should change stock tank with fresh food once every 1-2 weeks.

    Too high an EC can cause severe damage to a plant. See the table below for the ideal EC levels for the different stages of a plant’s life.

  1. If on an Ebb and Flow system (bottom feeding), you should flush once a week with your standard nutrient solution from the top in order to avoid salt build up in the block. Do not use plain water or weak nutrient solution for flushing, as it will shock and stun the growth of the plant.
  1. Do not over water. When the stone wool feels almost 1/2 way dry, it is time to completely fertigate with some drainage from the block or slab. 

    How much to water depends on the environment and growth stage of your plant.

    Download our brochure Watering and pH for further information.

EC Table

EC Table