Propagation: Seed on AO 25/40 10/10 or on an herb sheet (cut a 3/4” thick slice of a slab). 
Temperature: 70°F. Humidity: 75 % Germination time 5-10 days. 

Root /grow: Approximate: Summer: 3-4 weeks. Winter: 5 -6 weeks.

Transplanting: To slab or NFT when seedlings are approx. 2 inch tall.
Plant Spacing: As close as possible 1/4 inch or 3-4 seeds per hole.

Special nutrient requirements: None

Growing time to harvest: (after transplanting)
Summer: 4 weeks. Winter: 5 weeks. 
Number of harvests: Multiple

Yield: Summer: 2 lbs per 5 ft. NFT trough. Winter: 1 lbs. per 10 ft. NFT trough.

Light: Grows best in full sun, but will still do well during the short winter days.

Sensitive to: Fungal infections: Little Insects: Aphids, thrips

Notes: Chives will tend to go dormant in the fall if the day length is not extended. For a winter crop of chives, it is best to seed new plants early in September. These plants should be given a minimum of 12 hours light. Best results will be obtained if 700 foot candles are maintained; however you can stop dormancy with just a few. Without the 700 foot candles extra light, chives will grow very slowly (if at all) when day length drops below 10.5 hours.