Lemon Balm - annual

Lemon BalmLemon Balm

Propagation: Seed in AO 25/40 10/10 or AO 36/40 10/10 (or MM 40/40)
Temperature: 75°F. Humidity: not critical. Germination time 5 days.

Root /grow: Approximate: Summer: 3-4 weeks. Winter: 5 weeks.

Transplanting: To slab or NFT when seedlings are 1-2 inch tall.
Plant spacing: 1” between each plant center on the slab (or NFT).

Special nutrient requirements: None

Growing time to harvest: (after transplanting)
Summer: 4 weeks. Winter: 5 weeks.
Number of harvests: unlimited

Yield: Summer: 2-3 lbs per 5 ft. NFT trough. Winter: 1-2 lbs. per 10 ft. NFT trough.

Light: Enjoys full sun, but will grow in partial shade. Lemon balm continues to grow quite well all winter.

Sensitive to: Fungal infections: Sensitivity to some leaf moulds if allowed to grow close. Plant is not sensitive to root rot.
Insects: Whitefly

Notes: Lemon balm is easy to grow; frequent and requires very little care. There is little market for it; but there should be! Do not harvest more than 2/3 of the leaf area at any one time.