Propagation: Root cuttings in AO 25/40 10/10
(French tarragon cannot be grown from seed.)

Root /grow: Approximate transplant time: Summer: 3 weeks. Winter: 3 weeks.

Transplanting: To slab or NFT when well rooted.
PLANT SPACING : 4-6” inch centers.

Special nutrient requirements: None

Growing time to harvest: (after transplanting)
Summer: 6 weeks. Winter: N/A
Number of harvests: Multiple.

Yield: Summer: N/A. Winter: N/A.

Light: Will go dormant in the winter even with lights.

Sensitive to: Fungal infections: Little.
Insects: Aphids.

Notes: French tarragon does not produce seeds and it is difficult to root. The soft new shoots that emerge each spring are the easiest to root (about 3-4” tall), rooting hormone, medium strength; woody shoots will not root. French tarragon is difficult to grow in hydroponics TARRAGON - PERENNIAL because it will go dormant even with supplemental lightning and because it tends to have a shrub growth habit (much like rosemary).