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Create an easy cloning system with the following steps:

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Lazy Way - Step 1
  1. Place the heating mat (at 85º F; 30º C) under a 10x20 flat with no holes. It is smart to have a termostat connected to your heat mat with a probe inside the dome. This allows you to set a plant specific temperature. This is particulary handy for seeds, where a number of them prefer a coolor media temperature.

    Add just enough water to fill the flat close to the bottom of the tray Approximately 3/4” of water).

The Lazy Way - Step 2
  1. Hang the Grodan® starter tray on the flat with your prepared cuttings. (How to take cuttings)

    Make sure that the starter plugs are not touching the water in the flat.

    The cells in the Grodan Gro-Smart tray allow good airflow around all sides of the plug. If you are doing cutting or seeds which takes several weeks to rot or germinate, double spacecing can be beneficial.

The Lazy Way - Step 3
  1. Place thermostat on tray and cover with a clear plastic dome. Do not put ventilation holes in the dome.

    Tape the dome to the flat for a tight seal. This will create a perfect humid environment for the cuttings and seeds without sitting directly in any water. Dome sits on tray so that water droplets from condensation easily can run down the dome and go back in the flat.

    Leave under low to medium light.

  1. DO NOT touch or water for two weeks! Grodan starters hold enough moisture for up to two weeks. After the first week open dome and mist the corner plugs if they no longer feel moist.

    **Seeds may take longer than two weeks– so mist the starters if necessary.**

    At two weeks most cuttings are rooted.

    Remove dome and let the cuttings acclimate for a couple of days before transplanting.

    Water (fertigate) the cuttings with mild plant food mix around EC 1.0 before transplanting into a medium with the same EC level.

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