Ebb and Flow Bucket Systems

Ebb and Flow bucket systems (provided by various manufacturers) are becoming more and more popular. To maintain our edge in this area of the marketplace, we’ve tested our product against other hydroponic media and the results were clear. In spite of what some bucket system manufacturers recommend, plants obviously prefer GRODAN media.



The popularity of bucket -style ebb and flow (flood) systems has skyrocketed recently among hydroponics hobbyists. However, growers have experienced limited success using media such as clay rocks or artificial plastic inserts. Fortunately there is a natural product that works better – GRODAN

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The following products are perfect for use in Ebb and Flow Bucket Systems:

grow cubes grow chunks

(Small Croutons)

Grow-Cubes can be used on their own or mixed in 50/50 with clay rocks, to improve growth in place of just rocks.

(Large Croutons)

Grow-Chunks should be used on their own since the pieces are too large to easily mix properly with clay rocks.

Using GRODAN in the Bucket System

Ebb Flow 1

Step 1

  • Make sure grow area is clean.
  • Set up the system according to the instructions of the system you buy.
  • Use either all Grow-Cubes or Grow-Chunks.
  • If you want to mix with the clay pellets, then only use Grow-Cubes because they are smaller croutons. We recommend a 50/50 mix. The more Grodan used, the better the results.
Ebb Flow 2

Step 2

  • Generally no pH adjusting is needed, just soak your croutons in plain water before use.
  • But if you have hard water (high pH), it would be best to soak in water adjusted to pH 5.5.
  • Drain the croutons to waste by pouring them in the buckets with holes that come with your system. When fully drained, put those buckets into the system you set up.
Ebb Flow 3

Step 3

  • Fill the system’s reservoir with a hydroponic solution (EC 1.5 and pH 5.8 works well).
  • We recommend using Grodan starters and Gro-Blocks™ for the best transplants, but you can transplant from any medium into the croutons.
  • Carefully transplant each plant into the buckets.
  • Once transplanted, start your watering cycle.
Ebb Flow 4

Step 4

  • Flood four times a day for 15 minutes each cycle for sufficient growth.
  • Adjust flooding frequency and cycle length according to the growing environment and stage of plant growth. You may need to flood more or less per day.
  • Check pH and increase EC (or PPM) as the plants grow. Switch to a bloom solution when the plants begin to flower.

Did you know….

Roots will adapt to the media they grow in. For example, a course-grade medium (such as rocks) produces thicker roots to anchor the plant. Whereas a fine-grade medium like GRODAN will produce more feeder roots (thinner, rather than thicker). More feeder roots means faster plant growth. It is as simple as that.

Thirty days after transplanting into a bucket with GRODAN Grow-chunks. Ebb Flow Thirty days after transplanting into a bucket with clay pellets.