Wheatgrass and Micro Greens in Grow-Cubes

Grow-cubes are a clean, earth-friendly alternative for growing a thick stand of wheatgrass. Juice your own wheatgrass for pennies compared to buying a shot at your local health food store! Or grow your own micro greens for a fraction of the cost.

Shopping list

  • Grow-cubes
  • Wheatgrass seed or microgreens
  • A 10x20 flat with no holes
  • A 10x20 flat with holes that fits in the one with no holes
  • A humidity dome
  • Optional: T5 fluorescent grow light.
Wheatgrass 1
  1. Assemble all your materials.
Wheatgrass 2
  1. Fill the 10x20 flat with holes with Grow-cubes in a 1/2 inch layer. Place that in the flat without holes.
Wheatgrass 3
  1. Fill the flats with water so that the Grow-cubes soak well. Pick up the flat with Grow-cubes and let it drain well to waste. Place it back in the flat with no holes.
Wheatgrass 4
  1. Spread your wheatgrass seeds or micro green seeds evenly over the Grow-cubes.
Wheatgrass 5
  1. Place the humidity dome over the flat. Keep your flat in a warm area under some light. T5 fluorescent lights (optional) work great indoors. You won't need to water any before the seeds sprout.
Wheatgrass 6
  1. You may need to keep the cubes moist after the seeds have sprouted. Use water with very little plant food. In a little over a week, you will be able to harvest your crop.


A thick mat of wheatgrass roots growing in GRODAN Grow-cubes.