Transplanting GRODAN Plugs into Peat/Soil

Transplant & Root | Transplanting GRODAN Plugs into Peat/Soil

Most plants are propagated in 1.5” plugs, but after that many growers make one critical mistake.  Often times these freshly rooted seedlings or cuttings are transplanted directly into large pots of soil, peat, coco, or other potting mixes.  This method usually works, but growers can achieve substantial benefits by adding one simple step…

Roots in GRODAN GRO-BLOCKTransplanting into a 3” GRODAN GRO-BLOCK™ before going into the larger container will offer you the following benefits:

  • Better moisture management
  • Superior root settings
  • More aeration in the root zone
  • Higher nutrient availability
  • No transplant shock

Water and moisture management is much easier in a 3” block than it is in a container of peat/soil, meaning your plant is less likely to be overwatered in the 3” block.  You can ensure proper moisture levels when transplanting into a 3” block by following a few simple steps outlined here.

Even after the initial transplant, be sure to only add water when it’s needed and to allow the stone wool to nearly dry out before watering again.  With proper watering and the even moisture levels and great aeration that stone wool provides, you will notice consistent and rapid growth time and time again.  75% of a plant’s root settings happen at this crucial stage in their life and 3” blocks provide a well aerated environment that is the perfect size to accommodate this critical phase.

Transplanting into GRODAN GRO-BLOCKBy limiting the amount of space a new transplant can root into, you are also making it easier for the roots to seek out and uptake the nutrients you feed it.  As a result, the plant is able to use more of its energy to generate growth where you can see it – above ground!  Not only that, but stone wool also has zero nutrient blockage and allows everything you feed to be easily absorbed by the roots.

Thanks in part to all of these benefits, there is no transplant shock when transplanting from a starter plug into a 3” block; this means there is no drop in the growth rate at this vital time in the plant’s development.  Remember, when you start off with a strong juvenile plant, you are enabling the plant to better withstand any unforeseen problems that may arise later in its life and equipping it with the proper root structure to continue to feed itself as the plant increases in size.


Excited about this tip and want to take your soil/peat growing to the next level?

Try adding a 2” layer of GRODAN GROW-CUBES to your soil/peat mix for increased nutrient availability and aeration inside your container and be amazed at the difference it will make. 

Need proof?  Watch this step-by-step video to see the kind of impact GROW-CUBES can make in your garden.

Happy Growing!


 GROW-CUBES layers