How to water your plants

That is easy! No more sticking the finger in the dirt. You simply feel the weight of the pot. It is time to water when the pot feels light. The pots you use should have free drainage, so you can flush the pot with water. It is important to flush out the old nutrient that the plant did not use. If you do not the pot will have too high concentrations of one or more nutrients and often this can 'burn' the roots. 

Another side effect can be soft stem or yellow leaves. So always water until about 25% of what you poured in has drained out. You can always use the drain water for your garden or lawn. If your plant was happy in the morning when you left, but is drooping severely in the evening. Do not despair! The plant just ran out of water. Soak the pot and you will see the plant rise again.

  • You can make water more acidic by adding lemon juice. 1/2 a lemon/gallon water changes pH value a whole point. Your hydroponic shop sells pH test strips. Most plants like pH 5.5-6. Test after you have added plant food.
  • Water only when the pot feels light and add enough water to drain 25% of what is added.
  • You wet the potting mix before potting up.
  • Remember to use plant food in the water or add the kind of slow release plant food that is recommended for your kind of plant.
  • If you make your own mix, using the Gro-Wool™: Please wet the Gro-Wool before mixing.
  • If you want to grow vegetables in a hydroponic mix, it is best to buy a hydroponic food in the hydroponic shop.