Plant Health

Indoor 'Plant Scape' demands a lot from a growing media. The plants are often placed in a relatively dark area and potting mix hardly ever changed. The darkness results in only limited root activity and often these few roots are suffocating due to compressed potting mix. It is therefore important to choose a growing media with a high percent of air pockets and the ability to retain that amount of air over time. So, to ensure healthy plants you should look for the following when you choose your potting mix: 

  • It should supply the plant's roots with both air and water at all times.
  • It should have combined optimum drainage and large water capacity.
  • It should not break down, settle or decompose.
  • It should maintain good structure for the life of your plant.

Where do you find such a marvelous potting media? 

Let us introduce you to GRODAN horticultural stone wool: It is water absorbent stone wool. Mother Nature makes her own stone wool which is known as angel hair from volcanoes. In the case of stone wool, rocks are heated up to 3000ºF and spun into wool like cotton candy. This method gives a media that is sterile and always maintains it's structure.

The product takes up 85-90% of it's own volume in water and all of it is available to the plant. This is unique. Traditionally potting mixes with soil or peat will hold back water and nutrients. You therefore need to water frequently to maintain a reasonable supply of water, air and nutrients. In GRO-WOOL you will soak the plant at intervals. Since everything is readily available to the plant it will always have exactly what it needs. Typically an indoor foliage plant in a 3 gallon pot will only need watering every 3-4 weeks (summer) and every 5-6 weeks (winter).

If you plan to grow cactus or other kinds succulents and you want a drier potting mix; use the GRODAN Grow-Cubes™. This Grow-Cube guide will also show you how to pot up your soil plants. It is the same method whether you use Grow-Cubes or GRO-WOOL.