Useful Products

All products for container growing

  • Gro-Wool™: 40 lb.compressed bale for water hungry plants & longer durations between waterings.
  • GRODAN Grow-Cubes™: This product is great for plants who do no like wet 'feet', such as strawberries, cactus & succulents. It is also our most forgiving potting mix; You will see great result using this product for your herb and vegetables. GRODAN Grow-Cubes will always drain off excess water easily. This is a very beneficial feature when you are feeding a fast growing plant.

You can make your own potting mix using any of (or both) the above products. Here are some examples:

For Orchids use a mix of GRODAN Grow-Cubes and bark.

Mix either Grow-Cubes or Gro-Wool with your clay pellets (Hydroton). This helps keep moisture in the container between waterings.

Mix Gro-Wool or a layer of Grow-Cubes into peat or soil. It will help improve the tilth (air ) in your potting mix.

No more re-potting!

If you have only our Gro-Wool and/or Grow-Cubes in your plant container, then the mix will last for the life of your plant. You may need to change to a bigger container at some point, but you will never change the potting mix.

If you get tired of your plant, rather than get rid of the old potting mix see Recycle your GRODAN for how to reuse Gro-Wool and GRODAN Grow-Cubes.