Delta 3" and 4"


Whether starting your seeds and cuttings in A-OK Starters, Macroplugs, or Mini-Blocks it is a good idea to transplant into a 3” or 4” block. You know it’s time to transplant to the Gro-Block when roots coming out of the starter are about 1” long. Just place your Mini-Block on top of the 3” or 4” block without the hole, or your Macroplug/A-OK into the 3” or 4” block with the hole and watch your plant flourish.

Gro-Blocks Usage

Specification Chart: 
Gro-Blocks Size in inches Hole sizes avail. Blocks/Package Blocks/Case Usage Example
Delta 4
Small 3"
3x3x2½ No hole or big hole 8 384 Small plants for transplanting
Delta 5.6
Large 3"
3x3x4 Big hole 8 256 NFT
Delta 6.5
Small 4"
4x4x2½ Big hole 6 216 Tomato/Cucumber
Delta 8
Medium 4"
4x4x3.1 No hole or big hole 6 180 Plants in large flood trays
Delta 10
Large 4"
4x4x4 Big hole 6 144 Plants in large flood trays