Dutch Bucket (Hydro Bucket)

Dutch Bucket (Hydro Bucket)

This bucket is designed for growing systems using loose media such as clay pellets (Hydroton), GRODAN Grow-Cubes, or coco. You can build a re-circulating 6 bucket system for less than US $150, all parts included. It takes max 1 hour to build. Please ask your local store for details.

The bucket has a very effective internal discharge system. The bottom part of the bucket is designed to create a water buffer. With the installation of 2 elbows connected to the drain, outlet siphoning is created.

The drainage is collected in a central drainpipe avoiding stagnating irrigation water in the Hydro Bucket. It is not recommended to use the buckets without the two elbows.

  • Dutch Buckets are made of polypropylene. Available in black or beige.
  • Volume: 11 Liter or 2.91 gallon
  • The Dutch Bucket uses a Drainpipe 50 mm metric PVC or 1½”
  • schedule 40 PVC (not included)
Specification Chart: 

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Product Description


307 002

Dutch bucket black w/2 elbows 12” x d.10” x h.9” bottom 8” square

307 001

Dutch bucket beige w/2 elbows 12” x d.10” x h.9” bottom 8” square

307 031

Dutch bucket elbows Elbow size suits both Dutch buckets.