Dutch Leach Tray

Dutch Leach Tray

The Dutch leach tray can be used for all loose media, but it is primarily used for the GRODAN six inch slabs and Hugo blocks.


  • The tray is a perfect fit for the HUGO blocks and helps prevent the HUGO from falling when the plant is bigger.
  • The tray has two deep channels, so that excess water easily runs away.
  • You can get the trays with two elbows for easy draining of excess water or you can ask for end caps and they will plug the holes in the tray.
  • The tray will work without the elbows.
  • The tray is made of sturdy & flexible black plastic.
  • Volume: 4 gal (15 L)
  • Dimensions: W6” x L40” x H4” (15cmx100cmx10cm)


Specification Chart: 

Product ID

Product Description


202 009

Dutch leach Tray w/2 elbows W6” x L40” x H 4”

202 005

Dutch Leach Tray Elbow Use elbows for drainage or for connection between two trays

202 006

Dutch Leach Tray Endcap Endcap prevents water from draining