Stone Wool as an Amendment

Are you accustomed to growing in soil, but interested in trying hydroponics? Don’t throw away your container and watering can just yet. First, try mixing GRODAN GROW-CUBES in with your potting mix. You can add GROW-CUBES to your preferred growing media by mixing it in before planting or by simply filling up your container half way with your potting mix, adding a two inch layer of GROW-CUBES, and then filling up the remainder with your favorite potting mix. Both methods work.

When adding GROW-CUBES, you are not only aerating your root zone and reducing the compaction of your growing media, but you are also enriching your mix with an inert substrate that does not chemically bond with the nutrients you are feeding at all. Therefore, plants uptake nutrients better, grow faster, and yield more.

Even replacing just 25% of your potting mix with Grow-Cubes will yield positive results, but the more stone wool you add the better the results will be.  Interested to see what your ideal ratio of Grow-Cubes to soil, peat, or coco might be?  Try running an experiment like this on your own and see what the outcome is.