Sold on Soil?

Why switch from soil/peat/coco to GRODAN stone wool?

You may be thinking to yourself, “I do pretty well in my potting mix, why would I want to switch to GRODAN stone wool?”  The answer to that question is a long one, as there are TONS of benefits to growing in stone wool instead of soil, coco, or peat.  In this “Sold on Soil?” section, you can learn about the many advantages of growing hydroponically in GRODAN stone wool.

Stone wool and Soil Mixes: “By the Numbers”

Before purchasing your future growing media, consider the following differences between GRODAN stone wool and soil or peat based potting mixes. By choosing to grow your plants in GRODAN stone wool you can save money, water, space and nutrients.

GRODAN stone wool Soil/Peat/Coco Mixes
Compaction Comparison
GROW-CUBES™: 8-10%
Leading soil mix: 25-40%
Water Saving Comparison
Up to 75% water savings  (recirculation is possible) 0% water savings (drain to waste)
Cost Comparison
Costs $3.71 in media to grow a 3-4’ plant in a HUGO™ block Costs about $9.50* of a leading soil brand to grow a 3-4’ plant in a five gallon pot
Weight Comparison
Requires about 0.5 lbs of media to grow a 3-4’ plant in a HUGO block Requires about 10-12 lbs. of a leading soil brand to a grow 3-4’ plant in a five gallon pot
Nutrient Blockage Comparison

CEC (Milli-Eq/100 grams) : 0**

In leading soil mix, 20-40%
CEC (Milli-Eq/100 grams): 70-90**

* Based on manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
** Cation Exchange Capacity - the lower it is, the more the grower can control the plant.

Grow more in less space with GRODAN stone wool

Think you need an enormous container in order to achieve enormous yields? Think again…

Soil and peat chemically bond to some nutrients, making them less available to the roots. As a result, the roots of a plant grown in soil or peat expend a significant amount of a plant’s energy burrowing through the media in an effort to seek out and uptake nutrients. Like humans, plants have a limited amount of energy and when much of that energy is focused on root growth, the plant itself cannot grow as fast or produce as much.

On the other hand, there is no nutrient blockage in stone wool and your plant’s roots have instant access to all the food you’re feeding it. That means your plant benefits from superior nutrient uptake and the plant can convert all that excess energy it’s not using on root growth to grow new foliage or flowers.

Click here to download the “GRODAN stone wool and Soil Mixes” brochure.