3 Key Trends in Cultivation Technology You Need to Know

e-Gro grower in greenhouse with laptop in sweater and hat for grodan101

The evolution of data technology has completely redefined the cannabis cultivation industry, giving growers unparalleled access to more consistent, accurate and reliable data, 24/7. As a result, you can now make faster and more data-driven decisions, unlike ever before.  

During a recent interview with Gursel Karacor, Senior Data Scientist at e-Gro, the tech pioneer revealed three key trends driving data in the cultivation industry today and how incorporating these technological advances can help optimize your production: 

  1. Cloud Connection 

Too much data to manage? Cloud Connection not only makes it easier to access and manage big data, it also saves facilities time, money, and maintenance, although according to Karacor, “there’s still room for improvement.” 

  1. Predictive Data Analytics  

A real game changer, predictive data analytics is much more than just analyzing data, it gives growers the opportunity to predict the future. This would allow growers to predict yield and water content (WC), workforce, and churn, all vital to the management and steering of your crops. 

  1. Imaging Technology   

Despite being predominantly used by tech giants like Google and Facebook, imaging technology will soon allow all growers to detect, track and harvest the correct parts of the plants, while maintaining pest and disease control, crop quality detection and automated crop registration or phenotyping. 

Identify and develop better practices and strategies in your facility with the trends above. "This is truly the power of big data because this can help us develop enhanced models to better help you, the grower, to achieve more by using less" says Karacor. 


What to know more?  

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