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Growing more with less


The global food production system is under pressure. We need to find more sustainable ways of feeding a growing, more urbanised population. ROCKWOOL products enable modern horticulture to increase production while using fewer natural resources.

During 2017, ROCKWOOL Group collaborated with Wageningen University in the Netherlands to quantify the positive impact of growing tomatoes and cucumbers in Grodan horticultural growing media compared to greenhouse-grown, soil-based crops. The results were significant. For example, Grodan products sold in 2017 resulted in an estimated 90 million litres less water used, equivalent to the drinking water needed to sustain 85,000 people for a year33, and covered 26,000 fewer hectares, the equivalent of 300 Central Parks.34

In places where agricultural land is scarce, new and innovative forms of food production hold the key to feeding city dwelling populations. Grodan hydroponics can be sited anywhere, including in urban areas that would otherwise be completely unsuitable for traditional soil-based production. For growers, horticulture professionals, and keen gardeners, Grodan is providing efficient, sustainable growing solutions for the future.

Grodan hydroponics can be sited anywhere, including
in urban areas that would otherwise be completely unsuitable
for traditional soil-based production.

Did you know?

What is hydroponic growing? 

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, in an aquatic-based environment, using mineral nutrient solutions to feed the plants. Stone wool is the most widely used growing medium in hydroponic systems. It can be precisely produced to allow the retention and movement of water and air in proportions that are ideal for particular crops, promoting healthy root growth and nutrient uptake. Stone wool’s fibrous nature also creates a stable anchorage for plant roots.35

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