How to – Growth Tracker Module – Part 1

20220401 GR-101 PHO 7

What if you could access an overview of all the mother plants and batches in your facility at room level at the touch of a button, and track them throughout the entire growing cycle and post-harvest process? How about the ability to zoom in to gain insights into the status, specifications, and performance of each batch? And what if you could compare the performance of different batches, giving you the power to analyse what works and what doesn’t, as the basis for continuous optimization?

The Growth Tracker Module in e-Gro helps you to create a logbook of all your batches so that you can increasingly fine-tune your irrigation and crop steering strategies over time without having to keep 'reinventing the wheel.' The Growth Tracker fast-tracks you to real improvements in quality, production levels, and consistency. Best of all, you can start using the Growth Tracker Module at any time in the growing cycle, giving you full control.

To learn more about the benefits of e-Gro’s Growth Tracker, download the How To Guide and watch the short video below.

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