NEW Grodan Grow Guide - 2023/24 The Ultimate Guide for Growing in Stone Wool

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04 Jul 2024

The Case for Stone Wool in High-Performance Commercial Cannabis Cultivation

Stone wool is fast becoming a strategic necessity for cannabis cultivators aiming to maintain an edge over their competition. Stone wool's superior control over plant nutrition and development allows growers to achieve exceptional crop quality and operational efficiency.

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30 May 2024

Craft Cannabis at Scale: Data-Driven Methods, Ideal Growing Media, and Knowledge Sharing

Explore the future of indoor cannabis cultivation with industry experts Cole Williams of Medical Saints and Chad Rigby of Grodan. From the transition from intuition-based methods to data-driven precision agriculture, discover how crop steering and operational efficiency are crucial for consistent, high-quality yields in cannabis cultivation.

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26 Apr 2024

Soilless Options & Benefits for Cannabis Growers

Learn about the benefits of soilless options for cannabis growers and the advantages of each medium, and how to choose the best soilless option for your cultivation operation.

Grodan Improved - Roots
26 Apr 2024

Why Soilless Growing Media?

Discover the benefits of using soilless media, like Grodan stone wool, for cannabis cultivation in controlled environments, including enhanced root growth, moisture availability, and nutrient uptake.