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Grodan Hugo Blocks
20 Oct 2023

How to Detect Heavy Metal Leaching in Stone Wool

Soil health is a big concern in cannabis cultivation. Growers can reduce the risk of heavy metal contamination with inert substrates like Grodan stone wool.

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Using a computer a grow t check data
02 Oct 2023

How Cannabis Cultivation Software Can Prepare Cultivators for Climate-Smart Agriculture

Cannabis cultivation software can help growers navigate the USDA’s new climate-smart agriculture standards even before federal legalization.

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Cannara Biotech Facility
26 Sep 2023

From Soil to Stone Wool: The Growing Trend of Alternative Media in Agriculture and Cannabis Cultivation

To demonstrate Grodan’s expertise concerning soil health and environmental stewardship and subtly position Grodan products as a problem-solving solution

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GroSens in Blocks at Harmony Roots
21 Sep 2023

What is Water Channelling? Everything You Need to Know

Precision irrigation, the ability to deliver calculated and measured amounts of water directly to plant roots, is a cornerstone of sustainable cultivation practices. By controlling how and when a substrate opens up irrigation channels, cultivators will become more efficient in their craft.

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