One of the benefits of a rock-based material is its durability. Following proper sanitization procedures will extend the lifecycle for rockwool allowing it to be re-used multiple times. Make sure the stonewool is properly cleaned and sanitized with all roots and organics from the previous harvest removed. Re-use is the most ideal solution for home growers


Circular Solutions

What was once old has become new. Grodan re-manufactures used material post-harvest into new blocks and slabs. ROCKWOOL facilities in the Netherlands, Denmark, and Russia are presently offering these circular programs with additional sites in north-western Europe and North America in development.


Heavy Clay

Grodan works with several brick manufacturing facilities throughout Europe to re-manufacture used stonewool into clay for bricks. Thousands of tons of stonewool are re-manufactured into bricks every year.



Grodan’s stonewool is an excellent beneficial use amendment and provides many technical benefits to finished compost. Many industrial composting facilities throughout North America and Europe accept stonewool in their inbound feedstock streams, finding new homes for thousands of tons of stonewool every year. If you are unsure if your local compost facility accepts stonewool or would like them to start contact us.


Industrial Bedding & Erosion Control

Stonewool’s strong insulating and water holding properties make it an excellent amendment for industrial bedding and topping or to prevent erosion. The stonewool is used as an alternative cover to help prevent noxious odors from effecting local communities. Its also used as a safety measure to fight the spread of diseases and potential fires that could erupt in landfills or mines.


Potting Mix

Stonewool can be ground up and mixed in with potting soils to provide many added values including nutrients from the initial growing periods and added porosity & water holding capacity.

Recycling Rate

The ratio for how much material we sold to how much product was recycled.

% of Cust. Offered Recycling

How many direct Grodan customers are offered recycling solutions for their mineral wool in their local markets.

Here at Grodan, we are driven to leverage the advantages of hydroponic growing with our sustainable stone wool substrate to support knowledgeable farmers to grow more healthy produce and medicine using less resources. Presently, over 70% of all freshwater resources worldwide are consumed by agriculture, combined with the demands of a growing population who will need food and urban land. All of which is putting an enormous strain on our earth’s natural resources. Innovative technologies and products will have to meet the critical challenge to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels, reduce consumption of our natural resources, and reduce our food’s environmental impact across its entire supply chain.

As part of our commitment to the circular economy, Grodan has built a network of partnerships and collaboration agreements with leading recycling organizations in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Grodan offers recycling services to over 62% of its product consumers across the globe and with the help of our loyal customers, we recycle thousands of tons of stone wool every year. In 2022 alone, Grodan achieved a 65% recycling rate! If Grodan was a country, it would be one of the most successful recycling countries in the world.

As we continue to grow our recycling options for stone wool consumers, our aim is to make Grodan stone wool one of the most effectively recycled products in the world.

Yianni Monahan

Product Lifecycle Management Manager




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