e-Gro Q2 2022 release: Compare multiple batches and find answers in the support center

June 30, 2022

To stay competitive as an indoor grower, it’s crucial to collect high quality, accurate data as input for your growth strategy. A growth strategy based on the latest data helps you to meet legislative and societal demands to grow more efficiently and more sustainably, and to react quickly to ever-changing consumer needs. Furthermore, paying attention to the smallest details in the growth of your plants can help you to differentiate yourself in the market and to meet consumer demands for even higher quality products. That is why we help you collect the most useful data through the e-Gro platform software. Every quarter, we update the platform with the latest insights and technologies, which supports you in further optimizing your growth strategy.

In the upcoming e-Gro release, we are introducing a huge improvement to the growth tracker. For the first time, you can now compare data from multiple batches in one overview! This gives you the tools to optimize your crop steering strategies for different batches. In addition, we have added a support center function to the platform. Here, you can stay up-to-date about the latest features of the platform, find instructions and manuals for how to use the platform, and contact us directly with any questions you may have. These features will be available from July 12th onwards.

What’s new?

  1. Compare multiple batch performances in Growth Tracker
    • New function to compare multiple batches in one, simple overview
    • Puts the grower in the driver’s seat to ensure the most optimized growing strategies
    • Ability to analyze growth cycles, harvest details, batch details, growing phases and post-harvest data side by side or in the same graph
    • Forms a basis for the creation of plant recipes
  2. Support Center
    • A continually growing source of information to make sure you can make optimal use of the e-Gro platform
    • Learn about the latest features with instruction manuals, videos and other sources of information
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e-Gro Q2 Release: How To Guide

Please download the “Q2 How To Guide” to get more insights on the latest improvements.

Grodan, e-Gro, Grodan101, MJ