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Perfecting Cannabis Propagation: Mother Plant Care, Cutting Clones and Proper Saturation

Riley Jones
March 20, 2024

Are you looking to master propagation and prevent common problems cannabis growers often experience during this pivotal phase of growth? Then tune in to episode 11 of the GroShow Podcast, featuring host Riley Jones and guest Chad Rigby, Crop Specialist at Grodan.

To start the show, the guys reflect on the success of season one, discuss the importance of the all-new Grow Guide, and break down the release of two new propagation products: the A-OK Starter Plugs, which come in a prefilled tray for fast and easy use and are pre-cut loose in a box for added convenience.

After a quick recap, Chad and Riley have a detailed discussion on everything related to propagation, from the importance of mother plant care and tips for taking cuttings to properly saturating your starter plugs. Moreover, they also talk about how dialing in your irrigation strategy can prevent potential pests and diseases from developing in your rootzone and environment.

In addition, the guys answer a handful of questions submitted by fans via social media, including the ideal emitter size, how to prevent algae growth, how to fix water content variance in your blocks, and the difference between soaking blocks with emitters versus dunking them.

Finally, stay tuned for testimonials from Or Vardi, Operations Manager at 818Brands, and the one and only MobileJay, Cultivator and Facility Advisor at Athena.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the experts and improve your propagation skills. Tune in to the GroShow Podcast, Season 2, episode 11.