The Future of Cannabis Cultivation

Riley Jones
April 6, 2023

In a joint trial conducted in 2022, Grodan and F1 SeedTech demonstrated that it is possible to increase the gross margin in cannabis cultivation by a minimum of 15%. This will come as welcome news to many growers, who, now more than ever, are actively looking for ways to improve their facilities efficiency. Whether it be the price pressure caused by an increasingly saturated market or the rising costs of energy and other major inputs, finding a way to boost efficiency and reduce costs while maintaining quality is the key. That said, given the recent flood of new entrants into the North American market, many growers are finding it difficult to remain profitable.

In an effort to help growers find new ways of saving costs, Grodan and F1 SeedTech joined forces to conduct an 11-week trial in conjunction with Wageningen University and Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. The results left both parties excited about the future and potential to facilitate the next steep upswing in the innovation of the cannabis industry,  

Read more about the exciting outcome of this trial and what Grodan and F1 SeedTech have planned next in our latest whitepaper, “The future of cannabis cultivation.” 

“Total production achieved with F1 hybrid seeds can add up to 6 kg/m2 (1.23 lb/ft2) of dried flowers annually... Besides that, the flowers grown from F1 hybrid seeds had higher THC levels of 29% and showed more consistency between production batches.”

Frank Janssen

Product Development Manager at Grodan

For more information about the trial or to discuss the opportunities for improving your efficiency by combining F1 hybrid seeds with Grodan growing media, please contact Frank Janssen ( or Maikel de Bresser (