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Grodan Instruction Videos

Besides innovative stone wool growing media we offer our customers for many years tailored cultivation advice. We’ve been doing this through the 6-phase e-mail advice in which we give tips for optimal crop results.

introduction screen of the Grodan Instruction Video

To further enhance this e-mail service we recently launched a series of User Instruction Videos, to enrich and visualise the advice provided.

In total seven videos have been developed, which cover topics such as, ‘how to create a drain hole’, ‘how to steer besides the plant hole’ and ‘how to place a GroSens sensor’. The practical topics areexplained in a 2 minute video.

6phase email advice

The videos will be included in the 6-phase e-mails for the 2018/19 cultivation season, so Grodan customers will receive them automatically. The videos are also available via our Grodan Youtube channel. 

Other learning topics