Growth Tracker

Allows you to track individual batches and mother plants during the entire growing cycle and post-harvest phase.Benefit: This critical data empowers you and your team to optimize SOPs and crop steering strategies to ensure consistency in end product quality.



Allows you to check the status of the entire growing facility and spot potential issues related to the climate or rootzone conditions as quickly as possible.Benefit: Fast identification of potential issues and steer more accurately based on the needs of the plants.



Allows you to immediately analyse your rootzone and climate information from the Grodan GroSens Suite. Benefit: Optimize your irrigation strategy and realize input savings while maximizing crop performance and yield through real-time insights from Grodan GroSens Sensor Suite.



Allows you to authorize other peers or your external consultants to access specific areas of e-Gro so that they can observe your data.Benefit: Optimize your growing strategy through external advice or internal discussions amongst peers.



Alert notifications when the rootzone and climate sensor readings fall outside your custom ranges (such as EC, WC or Rootzone Temperature). Also, alerts can be received when the Grodan GroSens sensors have a low battery or weak signal. Benefit: Reduce the chance of errors or problems, such as irrigation line damage, thanks to timely alerts when climate or rootzone settings are going out of range.



Allow you and your peers to see all the important characteristics of your company so e-Gro understands your growing environment.Benefit: Dedicated and customized software which matches with your specific needs


Personal growing advice

Grodan’s Technical Advisors work with you to help you get the most out of e-Gro. How? You can leverage Grodan’s more than 50 years of knowledge and expertise in proven Precision Growing methods on a global scale. We combine our knowledge with yours for even better results.


Continuous development

We are committed to expanding future development of the platform and have a team dedicated to evolving the platform. Your investment will always benefit from improvements to the Essential Package and you will always be the first to know about new Advanced Modules.


Dedicated support

You will have total piece of mind working with e-Gro. Our team of e-Gro technical support and customer success specialists are on standby for any questions or issues by email: egro.support@grodan.com or by telephone: 1-800-872-2476


Your data is safe

All data in e-Gro is protected by state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols. Everything on e-Gro is processed in accordance with all local laws and regulations.